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Chatting with McG


I was lucky enough to sit in on a conference call with McG this morning, and the surprisingly friendly director shed a little light on what it was like to bring the Terminator series back to life.

As he said repeatedly throughout the interview, the man behind T4 was most concerned with staying true to the feeling of Terminator 1 and 2 and honoring what James Cameron had built. McG, who is no stranger to CGI, described how he tried his best to use as many non-computer-generated effects as possible in order to maintain the look and intensity of the earlier films. The director joked that the cast and crew had lost their eyebrows as a result of how many real explosions they staged.

But staying true to the spirit of the original movies didn’t come easy. In fact, McG said that was the hardest part of making this film, especially considering the turn the series took with Terminator 3, but he hopes that Terminator Salvation will accomplish what The Dark Knight did for Batman and Casino Royale did for James Bond.

McG also talked at length about the developments we’d be seeing in John Connor, citing Neo from The Matrix and Spider-Man as inspirations for a character dealing with a destiny and responsibility that have been thrust upon him. And, true to Terminator 1 and 2, we’ll be seeing clashes between John Connor and the authority. Apparently John’s going to have to earn his spot as savior of mankind.

The director also said to keep your eyes peeled for an extended R-rated edition of Terminator Salvation that will be coming out on DVD. This cut will feature longer, bloodier fight sequences (he described a particularly brutal scene that he called a “hillbilly fight” with Sam Worthington) as well as a tasteful, elegant topless scene featuring Moon Bloodgold that he assured us was not a “gratuitous boob shot.”

And finally McG talked about the future of the series, saying that he hoped to make more Terminator films (and that contracts had already been inked) but that the decision as to whether or not to go forward would depend on audience reaction. He did say, though, to keep an eye out for Common, as he could be a vital player in any future movies.

Oh, and he also mentioned how John Connor might go traveling through time to protect the future.



Tonight we’re holding a special preview screening of Terminator Salvation, and you have a chance to win tickets. If you show up at Dundas Square (at the corner of Yonge and Dundas in Toronto) at 6:30 PM dressed up as one of John Connor’s Resistance fighters, you have a chance to win VIP seating to a 7:00 screening at the Yonge and Dundas AMC theatre, as well as the chance to win a bunch of cool Terminator swag! Get creative: come dressed in army fatigues, covered in robot bits, or whatever you think a Resistance soldier should look like.

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