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The Saturday Five: Some Burning Questions…

May 9th, 2009

Over the course of the first three movies, several questions have arisen about the exact nature of life in 2018. Here’s my list of five questions that need to be answered, either in Terminator Salvation or in further entries….

5. What’s going on in the rest of the world?

We’ve heard big talk about John Connor and his band of California-based rebels, and how they’re supposed to save mankind. But what about everyone else? Presumably there are pockets of survivors all over the world. Does Skynet have an international presence? Are there other people fighting the good fight? Who wouldn’t want to see a movie about John Connor’s Moosejaw unit?

4. What’s the deal with the time travel machines?

How, in the middle of a nuclear wasteland, was anybody able to invent such groundbreaking technology? And how did both sides of the war get their hands on it? There’s got to be some kind of explanation as to how this history-altering machine conveniently landed in the middle of the apocalypse.

3. How did John Connor get a hold of a T-800?

In T2 and T3, the future John Connor managed to reprogram a T-800 and use it for his own purposes. Based on everything we know, this seems like an impossible feat. I really want to know how he managed to stop an unstoppable weapon and somehow reprogram the incredibly advanced computer.

2. Is John gonna make it?

In T3, we’re told that as a result of time travelers messing around with history, the future John Connor will die at some point before the humans succeed. Is there any way to stop this? Will John live to see the end of Terminator Salvation? And more importantly, if he now knows that this is going to happen, can he prevent it?

1. Who is Skynet?

Despite being the main antagonist of the franchise, we’ve never really seen Skynet. What’s its deal? At the end of T3, Skynet was a virus running through the Internet, but what does it look like in the future? We know that Skynet has some kind of personality, or at the very least a short temper and shrewd instincts, so it has the potential to be a great character. I think it’s about time we meet the bossman and hear his side of the story.

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