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Nine Inch Nails much?

April 24th, 2009

Anyone else wicked excited about the Nine Inch Nails song in the latest Terminator trailer?

Just me? Maybe it’s a 90s thing…

Well even if you didn’t go through a long-haired moody rock phase in high school, you should still check out the “The Day the World Went Away,” the NIN track that blares as John Connor takes out that Terminator with a helicopter. Something about it really captures the essence of robot domination…

…which got me thinking: What would the perfect Terminator Salvation soundtrack be? So here it is, my list of five songs I would like to see in T4.

5. Something by Common

Apparently Common, who appears in Salvation as one of the resistance soldiers, has been urging the producers to put one of his songs in the movie. Usually I’m not a fan of such shameless cross-promotional techniques, but frankly I really want to see a music video with Terminator footage in it. Plus, Common balances out the twangy rock on the rest of my list

4. Something with a kinda Johnny Cash vibe to it

I’m blatantly ripping this one off of the opening scene of the Dawn of the Dead remake. The man in black’s whiskey-soaked voice really got to the heart of the whole “it’s the apocalypse” thing. I think McG should pull a little polite plagiarism and do the same.

3. If we’re going with 90s revival, how about some Smashing Pumpkins

Super-moody and super-whiney, but still all dark and serious, I think the Pumpkins would fit right in. You could go with some of their new stuff (which would certainly please Billy Corgan), but I’d rather see something old school, preferably off Mellon Collie.

2. … and probably some Radiohead too.

I actually kind of hate Radiohead, which always earns me the scorn of my music-nerd friends, but if we’re going for a bleak 90s sci-fi vibe, you can’t do much better. And come on, they have an album called OK Computer

1.The original theme!

The original synthesizer music from the first movie is one of the all-time great movie themes. Perhaps a little dated by today’s standards, but a classic nonetheless. Maybe jazz it up with a bass line, or some electric guitars. Either way, this one is a must for me!

What do you wanna hear in Terminator Salvation? Let us know in the comments below!