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The New Machines

April 27th, 2009

The New Machines

From hydrobots to moto-terminators, Skynet has created sophisticated machinery to win the war against humanity in Terminator Salvation. “We are in an interim period,” says Christian Bale. “In the flash forward to 2029 that we’ve seen in previous movies, Skynet has absolute dominance of all the armies. In the present, we’ve got a lot of T-600s, and a phenomenal array of machines.” Seems as though John Connor and crew have a lot to contend with!


The T-600 is Skynet’s greatest foot soldier, which McG describes as “bigger and nastier” than the T-800. The T-600 is a massive seven-foot-three robot programmed to seek out humans. It carries a mini-gun capable of shooting from 3000 to 6000 rounds per minute, and a backpack full of ammunition.


These are four-foot-long aerial sentries that buzz around hunting for any sign of human life. They are equipped with digital cameras and laser-imaging technology and send wireless reports back to Skynet, which then sends in the big gun: the Harvester.

The Harvester

At about 50 feet tall, the Harvester is the largest Terminator in existence in 2018. It resembles a spider, with multiple steel arms and legs extending from a thorax-like body with jointed claw-like appendages for capturing its victims and putting them in the Transporters to be taken to Skynet.


The Harvester houses a fleet of Moto-Terminators, which are bike-like machines (based on the Ducati motorbike) that race off after the humans to catch them. Although they carry guns, their main objective is to retrieve escapees and return them to the Harvester.

The Hydrobot

Resembling four-foot-long segmented serpents, eyeless but with razor-sharp heads that drill into their victims, Hydrobots respond to sound and vibrations in the waters they prowl.