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Your Weekly Terminator Links – Round 5

May 17th, 2009


On Tuesday, May 19th we’re holding a special preview screening of Terminator Salvation, and you have a chance to win tickets. If you show up at Dundas Square (at the corner of Yonge and Dundas in Toronto) at 6:30 PM dressed up as one of John Connor’s Resistance fighters, you have a chance to win VIP seating to a 7:00 screening at the Yonge and Dundas AMC theatre, as well as the chance to win a bunch of cool Terminator swag! Get creative: come dressed in army fatigues, covered in robot bits, or whatever you think a Resistance soldier should look like.

2. A Lengthy Chat With McG…

Check out Esquire’s interview with McG, where the director acknowledges that a good chunk of people hate him. One of the funniest, most honest moments of celebrity self-awareness I’ve ever seen. Read more here.

3. A Visual History of Human-Slaying Robots has compiled a wicked article on the various Terminator models seen throughout the franchise. A good primer for those of you who are behind on your robot anatomy. Read it here.

4. And a Look Forward…

When you’re done with IGN’s piece, head over to io9 to see some exclusive pictures of the Hydrobot, a new aquatic Termintor. Because every good army needs a navy. See the pictures here

5. And Get Ready for Halloween…

How am I only learning about these now?!


Your Weekly Terminator Links – Round 4

May 10th, 2009

1. Join our Resistance

Click here to join our facebook group, and then click here to follow us on Twitter! The best looking group of Terminator fans on the net!

2. Spoilers? talked to McG about the original ending to Terminator Salvation that you won’t see in theatres. Click here to read the interview and see what you think.

3. Comic-Con Footage

A little old, but if you still haven’t seen it, you can head over to Entertainment Weekly’s Terminator portal to watch videos of McG and crew at a Comic-Con roundtable.

4. A Different Look at the Terminator…

Check out’s detailed reconsideration of Schwarzenegger’s T-800. Click here to read more.


Your Weekly Terminator Links – Round 3

May 3rd, 2009

1. The Real Cyberdyne Systems.

This is not a viral site, nor is this a joke. This is the website for an actual Japanese corporation called Cyberdyne that is currently developing “cyborg-type” technology. I spent a good thirty minutes staring at this site before I was ready to believe it wasn’t an elaborate hoax. Judgment Day is coming!

2. Some more glory shots of the T-600

Check out the National Post’s coverage of the T-600’s stay in Toronto. Their report on the event is less than enthusiastic. Apparently the serious journalist really badly wanted to see a Terminator that could actually kill people. See what he has to say here.

3. Interviews with the stars

Check out’s coverage of Terminator Salvation, complete with interviews from a “roadshow” event a few months back. See it here.

4. Check out the video game

Head over to the official site for the Terminator Salvation video game. Even if you’re not a big fan of movie tie-in games, you should give this one a chance. It’s a hard premise to get wrong: kill robots. Learn more here.

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